forget bieber, f**k the press n' paparazzi.

I know this isn’t a PA (Prick’s Anonymous) meeting, but my name is William, and I was once young, arrogant, foolish and most definitely a brat, particularly during my teens and especially from the age of thirteen through to twenty. Actually, to shroud this mentality in a more understanding context, let me provide you with some probable scenarios. If at any stage I’d had a Ferrari, Lamborghini and / or an Audi R8, I would drive fast, very fast. That’s just a fact. Whenever I’ve taken a spray in the snow, I’ve most certainly written my name with said ‘wee’ (and some times I’ve even tried to draw Jesus’ face). Maybe I’m immature, but it’s just something I do. If I’d had a mammoth mansion and an

the most important oscars yet.

The 86th Academy Awards could be the most important of their rich and extensive heritage, so much so that just my memories of Sunday nights glitzy bash have my gold statue standing to attention. You see, not only has the quality of these nominated films proven their prowess over years gone by, blowing away both audiences and critics the world over, but also the expanse of this year’s slate, and possible winners, has been utterly, utterly mesmerising. So many productions of epic direction, perfected portrayals and enlightening content were left off the stage, out of the speeches and possibly even excluded from the nominees list, unable to penetrate this years Oscar magnificence, brilliant tho

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