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losing to shadows.

Brash. Confident. Handsome. Charismatic. Are all things that can be said of William as a person, especially upon first meeting him. With an experimental attitude of "Caution to the wind." You can't help but be drawn in. The feature was very much inspired by William. As a writer, he maintains flamboyance whilst opening

the doors to huge events in his life — exemplified in his first book Affable in Adversity which deals with the untimely death of his father.

I wanted to respond to William's books, personality and current life situation by capturing his portrait in ways which reflect these events. Shot in the dead of

night, with wind and rain that resulted in a handful of trouble, I aimed to show William's resilience. Throughout turbulent times, William still fights back and that's what inspires me about him.

Affable in Adversity couldn't be more to the point.

Full article can be found in the "Origins" issue of PetriE Inventory's latest magazine -

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