bowie, you made it okay to be weird.

Tears gently roll down my cheeks as I write this, my vision blurred - so blurred it's as if I'm driving through a monsoon with broken wipers. Bowie, before you disappear behind the pearly gates and take rock n roll to heaven, I wanted to say thank you. I'm not sure whether I would have ever found out who I am without you being you, and I'm not sure I would be able to suppress my worries or fight my fears if it weren't for your voice; your songs. I've looked up to you since I was a kid. It was the red hair, the fashion, the style, the talents and the cool. You were you, and that is rare. Yet I wanted to say thank you for something else, one of your songs on Hunky Dory, the song you wrote to y

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As a shameless opportunist, I'm going to use this footer area to remind you that I am a NUMBER 1 BEST-SELLING author, which means  you should probably go and buy my books, or my super-duper-rubbish artwork, or at least very least come back every 6 months to make all this sort of worthwhile. (I realise this totally contradicts the self-deprecating message of my website, but my imaginary agent said I should put it down as an afterthought. So I have. Happy now imaginary agent?)