losing to shadows.

Brash. Confident. Handsome. Charismatic. Are all things that can be said of William as a person, especially upon first meeting him. With an experimental attitude of "Caution to the wind." You can't help but be drawn in. The feature was very much inspired by William. As a writer, he maintains flamboyance whilst opening the doors to huge events in his life — exemplified in his first book Affable in Adversity which deals with the untimely death of his father. I wanted to respond to William's books, personality and current life situation by capturing his portrait in ways which reflect these events. Shot in the dead of night, with wind and rain that resulted in a handful of trouble, I aimed to sh

is this really what the f**k life is about?!?!

Dear Me, This is a first. Instead of writing about things that bother me that maybe-definitely shouldn’t bother me, things like Justin Bieber getting bad press or bankers getting gazillion dollar bonuses for overspending other peoples money or politicians lying or Kim Kar-whatever-ian taking another naked-selfie, from now on I’m going to write about things that really matter to me, like my thoughts and fears and wants and ambitions and dreams - yeah, my wholly wild and probably impossible dreams. Why? Well I’m hoping it will help me make sense of everything. I’m hoping it will help me make sense of this weird and unforgiving place we call life. I guess what has set me off on this path is adu

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As a shameless opportunist, I'm going to use this footer area to remind you that I am a NUMBER 1 BEST-SELLING author, which means  you should probably go and buy my books, or my super-duper-rubbish artwork, or at least very least come back every 6 months to make all this sort of worthwhile. (I realise this totally contradicts the self-deprecating message of my website, but my imaginary agent said I should put it down as an afterthought. So I have. Happy now imaginary agent?)