neal 'the dude' junger.

The notion of staying young has been complicated by individuals and conglomerates for decades. It's big business for many and the only worry for some. People care about the impression their exterior provides, they are concerned about changing their genetic make-up as if it is the only aspect of their being that others care for. People are lost in their skin, scared of what they see and desperate to maintain the youthful looks they forget to appreciate when they had them. I understand their fight for the past at times, but most of the time I remain bemused by the small-mindedness of their fight, I remain confused by their desire to clasp at the impossible past and forget about the moment. Thi

the muddied definition of success.

I have recently found myself in the peculiar position of careless confusion, where the scenery occupying my mind seems to be a no-mans-land of unreserved bewilderment, more so than usual anyway. But like a scarab beetle mercilessly making its way under my skin, I cannot put any of my manicured fingers on the evasive resonance of ‘why?’ I guess this perplexed perception has been instigated by the term success and its meticulously muddied value that torments today’s insatiable culture, feeding the greed that has somehow secured a stranglehold on our corrupt ambitions. You see success is currently defined by ones salary, irrelevant of the career in question. It’s now a generous job title that i

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