the life of pi (phoebe isla) #1 - welcome, i guess.

We’re now right in the beating heart of winter, and yet six weeks ago the world somehow seemed a darker, colder place, a bleak landscape that, except for my own conceited hopes and dreams, lacked anything vibrant, anything worthwhile. In fact I felt trapped by the swirling pressures of life, the heavy hand of corrupted impurity banging down my door as I tried to sleep. But that darkness has been scattered by something so pure it bursts through the black like a lighthouse’s beam. And I owe it to someone. My demonic worry having all changed thanks to one truly beautiful entity, Phoebe Isla Huntingdon Howell. As she grew behind the closed doors of a bump I had been filling up with a twisting to

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As a shameless opportunist, I'm going to use this footer area to remind you that I am a NUMBER 1 BEST-SELLING author, which means  you should probably go and buy my books, or my super-duper-rubbish artwork, or at least very least come back every 6 months to make all this sort of worthwhile. (I realise this totally contradicts the self-deprecating message of my website, but my imaginary agent said I should put it down as an afterthought. So I have. Happy now imaginary agent?)