kids say the darnedest things

Phoebe's got to the stage where she is talking and talking and talking. She is talking so much. Arguably, she's talking too much. No, I'm kidding. It's incredible. She says stuff to me and mummy and all we can do is look at each other in mild shell shock. They're things you probably think are pretty tame, but we don't have a clue where she picked them up. E.g. I'm walking toward the supermarket with Phoebe on my shoulders when, all of a sudden, I get a tap on my forehead followed by the words, "oooooph, looks a bit busy, my daddy." She's only just turned 2, and all I can do is nod out loud while my mind is going "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! The kids two and she's smarter than me. I mean i didn't eve

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