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hey america, f**k your 2nd amendment.

I love waking up in the mornings. I've got my routine wrapped up so neatly it has a pretty bow on it. Yoga. Coffee. Fruit and yoghurt. The news. Writing. It's a good start to the day. But today was different somehow. I was made angry by something. Yoga was the same. My coffee was strong. Breakfast was tasty. I don't know, it must have been the news. But the news was the same. And that is what made me angry, the fact it was the same as always, the fact I got deja vu by the scenes.

I turned on the TV and saw the all too familiar sight of a dozen US cop cars, the red and blue flashing lights that mean chaos and disaster. Then I listened as a news reporter spoke about Lafayette, Louisiana, which is the latest victim of horrific gun crime. At least three innocent people have been confirmed dead after a man opened fired in a cinema, before turning the gun on himself.

America, I say this from the bottom of my heart and in no uncertain terms, f*@k your 2nd amendment.

It is quite simple. If you give someone a phone, they will probably call someone. Why do you think the outcome will be any different when you give someone a gun.

President Obama was right, "This type of mass violence doesn't happen in other advanced countries". It just doesn't. The statistics speak for themselves. Per population, Americans use guns to kill each other at a rate 297 times more than that of Japan, 49 times more than France and 33 times more than Israel.

Admitting it is the first step. America has a gun problem. That is a statement I can make from just looking at its most recent history. 12 people died in Aurora, Colorado, when a gunman opened fire in a cinema. 27 people, including 20 children, were killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut. Nine people were killed at an historic African American church in Charleston a few weeks back. Last year a 9 year old girl shot and killed her shooting instructor with an Uzi. Read that last sentence again and tell me that fact isn't mental. And now we have this. Another mass shooting on US soil.

But is not just the 2nd Amendment that needs changing. America's culture needs an overhaul, period. America is supposedly the most advanced nation on the planet and yet it is populated by some of the most backward ideologies on the planet. Its people celebrate non-celebrities and non-actors like Dan Bilzerian. That is moronic.

Then there is the MPAA, America's rating system for films, a system that places way too much emphasis on sex and love, while allowing the portrayal of massive amounts of gruesome violence to be seen my kids, and I mean kids.

The Expendables got a PG-13 despite all that death. Lord of the Rings got a 12A despite all that brutal death. The Bourne Identity got the same, as did Edge of Tomorrow and the Hunger Games. Skyfall and the Dark Knight got PG-13s. I don't know if you've seen the Dark Knight but The Joker slams a pen through someone's eye. Then compare that to the King's Speech, which got a 15 for its use of 'swearing and language'. Language? Jesus Christ, no wonder there is a problem in America if they think the word f*@k is going to more damage than a bowie knife. These kids see violence advertised via every medium, watch these films that are packed with violence and then get to walk down to the local gun store and buy a gun. But that's okay because they didn't swear? What?!

Death in American films, and culture, is apparently fine. But sex, oh hell no. Sex is the real evil apparently. The manifestation of love and attraction, the completely naturally act of human survival, this gets a rating of 18. Any film with an intimate 'love' scene and bang, it's slapped with an 18. 'Blue is the Warmest Color' got an 18 because it depicts two lesbians that form a deep emotional connection and then screw. 'Blue Valentine' got an 18 simply because some guy went down on a chick. That is crazy. Since when has anyone died from a goddamn blowjob? Sex is what we'd all call natural, it's what got us to this point in the first place. Shooting people isn't.

America is a backward country pretending to be at the forefront of civilisation. But it can be better. However, its culture needs an absolute overhaul, from advertisements to its movie rating system, to the mentality and equipment of its police 'force', to its idiotic 2nd amendment. America is a nation that promotes violence instead of love, a nation where cops are both heavily armed and have a penchant for brutality, where hyper-reality and death are promoted on huge fifty foot screens, where gun stores can be found on street corners, and their right to bear such arms is entrenched in their constitution.

Well they need to fix this mentality, and do it quick, because I'm scared for my fellow humans, I'm scared that in a few weeks time I'll once again wake up, do my yoga, have my breakfast, turn on the news and see that another church has been shot up, or a cinema or a school, and what, America will continue to sweep it under the rug just to protect its outdated right to bear arms? America please, grow up.

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