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a minute's insult.

The scenes in Tunisia have brought tears to people around the world. That lone killer has killed something inside all of us, that lone coward ripping into friends and families and loved ones, shooting innocents on a beach, innocents wanting to recuperate, innocent families wanting to bond for one last time as their kids grow up. They deserve much more than a minutes silence. Their families deserve the love and support and strength of each and every soul who shed a tear, from England to Spain to Tunisia, Syria and New Zealand. They deserve all the help they can get.

I am proud that we can stand together and rise as one in the memory of those who were killed, but I am not proud of Britain's role in this, it's role as arms supplier. The blood money that lines its pockets. It makes Parliament's minute of silence hollow. Last year Britain sold over £12.3bn worth of arms to repressive states around the world, to the likes of Columbia, Iran, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya and Tunisia.

We must take responsibility for our role in this. We can't continue to ignore the double-standards of government and the crooks at the top, those clenching their right fists in sadness whilst their left hands continue to deal arms to these rogue states, these conflict zones.

Britain is amongst the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, along with the USA, China, France and Russia. These same five members annually top the list of nations with the highest military expenditures. These 5 counties account for over 60% of global military expenditures. But most sickeningly of all, these 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council are also 5 of the largest arms exporters in the world. That is heinous. That is criminal.

Those innocents who lost their lives deserve more than a minutes silence. They deserve tighter security measures at the very top of the ladder. They deserve logic. They deserve thought. They deserve heart and compassion, not white-collar crooks with the most evil of double standards. We can do better than that.

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