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bobbies on the beat.

Now I've had my differences with the law in the past, but further cuts to the police is a low at the very highs of politics. 'Bobbies on the beat' used to represent something great. It was the very essence of people helping people, not uniforms patrolling areas. Coppers were once a pivotal part of their local community. they represented a person who would help, a ruffle the hair of some young scamp playing ball in the street. They were people we could turn to when we need a helping hand, a member of our neighbourhood we could wave at and nod to, and with a chipper tongue give a 'top of the morning' smile. 'Bobbies' were friends, not members of a police 'force'. They were a wonderful use of tax funds that didn't just prevent or handle crime but gave the law a face we could believe in. They made the legal system more trustworthy. However society has become the victim of perpetual cuts and unreasonable fear. Police are no longer a bridging entity or a part of the community they serve to protect. They are seen as the enemy, little more than a well-protected uniform and heavily armed belt, and that is the result of dire politics. The sight of a police officer strolling the streets nowadays puts the fear of God into most of us, even the innocent subtly panic about a white lie or something as they subtly pat down their pockets just be to sure. The presence of a police officer is now closer to a stormtrooper than it is a gentleman, or woman, and their presence is so sporadic we tend to associate them with severity instead of community. We can't let 'bobbies on the beat' become a fabled story of the past just because of poor prioritisation at government level. We should be bolstering them and reinstating them into the bygone sense of community. We should be trying to change the public opinion on them, which is so very fractured right now. If bobbies become extinct, I fear the tall wall between society and what will become a 'hidden' law en'force'ment will become too high for us to bridge. There will be no face for us to trust, and instead there will be a society of nervous people to contend with. Bring back 'bobbies on the beat', and give them their perception back.

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