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is revolution inevitable?

I’m more of a peaceful pacifist than a quarrelsome combative, as my first and last boxing match will scrupulously support, so when I encourage the need for an insurgent revolution, I am not suggesting nor even hinting at flaming torches, pitch forks or ludicrous looting. Instead, I’m more of an educational promoter, desirous of an arsenal of knowledge and the understanding of why change is so important to the longevity of societies peaceful survival. With that in mind, I’m more than inclined to continue on my passive protest.

There are relatively recent and modernistic movements that thrive off what is important, viewing the monetary greed and values of societies current paradigm as trivial, unimportant, frivolous and completely corrupt. Luckily however, the protestors and movements of the 21stCentury have an influence granted to them through the modern phenomena of instant globalisation, the kind that is available via the ‘on button’ of a laptop, the click of a mouse and the swish swipe of an iPhone. There is a new levy that can bind the nations of the world to press forward with justifiable equality and what is veraciously vital in this substantially harmed environment. There is no sustainability for the current system, for awareness, comprehension and understanding is now everywhere, enlightening all those that seek fruitful fairness, whether via blogs, columns, placements, YouTube videos or the Huffington Post.

You see, the term governance is no longer visually limited to that of political leaders or even political parties, for rule continues to lie within the grounds of monetary dominance, but in this generation we have enlightened information that holds enough truthful hurt to cause a stir and thus prove the current system of governance is sensationally out dated. In America, the power of saturated dynasties is coming to an end. The Kennedy’s, Bushes and Clintons may still hold that most paradoxical of American labels, but it is coming to a close, for the knowledge held by the people is incessantly growing and growing and with that, so is utter distaste. The Rockefellers are despised the world over, and unless they are willing to dispel their greed and determination for world dominance and help with ensuring a future for all, the masses will hold no other option but to revolt. This scene is not dissimilar in the United Kingdom, where our dynastical families may not be tied together in blood or marriage, but rather via the elitist venalities of Eton and Harrow, Oxford and Cambridge, and the distinguished disapproval of outsiders. Classmates bicker in the plush setting of Parliament and then catch up for a Bloody Mary and a crumpet as soon as the doors to the green-seated rooms slam shut.

There is predestination amongst those who are allowed to rule. A group of conceited ‘gentlemen’ that fight for the wrong causes just to please those with deep pockets and thus secure an income when their said political careers come to a close. The majority of our policy makers are born out of touch, and then power-blinded, seeing the world through trust-fund-tinted-glasses and imminent immoral onus. How can our political leaders care so little about the core of our society that they continue to fight for the unethical and crooked. Let’s take the most common of professional thieves, our bankers, whom the government is still fighting for, challenging the EU on behalf of these mega rich in order for them to continue collecting their bonuses… Banking bonuses are an oxymoron of the highest order, given these ‘professionals’ have bent our economic climate over the nearest table or chaise-longue and fucked it, both violently and Vaseline free.

Politicians have muddied themselves election after election, broken promise after broken promise. On the whole, they have turned their backs on the working classes who have had generations and generations of the same shit, shattered by false assurances and destroyed by their apparent invisibility and subsequent place on the perverted pecking order. Modern governments the world over, simply seek to work on behalf of the few whilst intentionally ignoring the masses. These leaders are removed from reality and remain ignorant to the struggles of the ever-growing underclasses that suffer under the claws of political betrayal. The government under serves those who need its support the most. The earth is being harvested as a means to print money and obtain control, making the rich richer and the poor even harder hit, with the belt continually tightening around the waists of the lower class masses, and irrevocably creating a society that is unstable and distrusting of those that supposedly lead it.

As the wonderful Winston coined, “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the rest.” This is truer, stauncher and more noted than ever, and one which movements are gaining traction on changing, flipping the bird to their ludicrously positioned leaders, whilst unifying their voices in telling these public villains to swivel on it. The democratic vote is an irony of authority, but more crucially, it is inefficient, morally fraudulent and wholly unethical. The world is in a state of environmental despair and economical disparity, both of which have split our global society to an extent far vaster than previously seen. The equality this world deserves, wants and needs is being consistently raped by conglomerates, corporations, political leaders and governmental bodies that don’t just seek recognition, the odd penny sweet and umbrella when its spitting, but are instead hell-bent on perverted power, a plush paycheck and the security that ‘who you know and not what you know’ will forever prevail.

Luckily for those who fight for change however, the Internet offers a free education, amalgamating and uniting those that have had enough of this sad social scenario with movements of the masses well under way. The World Wide Web is a medium that continues to highlight the horrendous economic exploitation of corporations and the mega rich, and as such these movements are taking place everywhere. There is the orgasmic Occupy Movement, protesting in over thirty countries, unified by its scepticism, disbelief and distaste of our so-called heads of state, and has gained the informal support of certain City Council’s, including LA.

There is The Tea Party Movement, Arab Spring and the Portuguese and Spanish Indignants Movement. There are numerous protests occurring that seemingly centre on the sleaze of political systems and their front-runners, providing us with the hope that is unquestionably required. These are international movements that clench their fists and hold them high in the sky, keeping just their middle fingers protruding from their white knuckles, maintained in the direction the current corruptions of social and economical inequalities, disgusted by the priorities of these so-called governing bodies. Society is too vertically hierarchical and should instead be more flatly distributed, and this makes the infrequency of me puking in my mouth far more frequent. My opinion is by no means a thumb’s up to communism, not by any stretch of even the most fascinating of imaginations; I secured a degree in history for fucks sake. I am simply supportive of the notion that political leaderships should stop exploiting the impoverished and penurious and should instead seek to serve everyone, not just the financially opulent.

Welfare should be endorsed not disparaged. Egalitarianism should lay dominant, eradicating the pointlessness of a class system and promoting preferential parity. Taxation upon corporations should be raised to the very maximum possible as a means to prevent our world from being used for all its properties, minerals, reserves and resources. There needs to be an unrivalled redistribution of wealth, taxing the one per cent in order to provide a system of support to the ninety-nine who have been failed on a whole by back to back governments, irrelevant of which side of the aisle they are repping. Exploitation in all its forms should be eliminated, all encompassing of what this defining phrase stands for. Absolute accountability must be placed on multinational firms and responsibilities and obligations must be enforced upon all energy consuming companies around the globe, for their detrimental role above all else. The reduction of deficit must become a point of focus and importance, and to ensure this is addressed, the idea of profit must be placed under the spotlight too, for every action has an equal and opposite reaction, at least according to the genius Sir Isaac N. These need to be the pivotal points that become adopted, but for such change to occur, a revolution surely needs to be heeded.

We have dug a hole without due care or diligence, harming the future generations that are certain to follow, and in the name of what, the pursuit of greed and misrepresentation. Now I know I’m no politician, but I’m active enough to voice my opinions, able respectively underscore what I believe to be the flaws of our society and I’m competent in promoting where I believe a brighter future lays. I’m neither Conservative nor Labour. Neither Liberal nor UKIP. I’m not a Socialist, a Marxist, a Communist, a Leninist, a Collectivist or a member of the Monster Raving Loony Party. I’m just a charlatan and a chancer who pursues politics that work for all, exterminating discrimination and seeking great politics and not just the fronting parties. There is the need for a common goal, and a need to prioritise these outcomes above all others. There is a need for humanity to prevail and not in just select segments of society. I don’t have the ideas or the methods to ensure my grandiose ambitions come to fruition, I just have a clear vision of what is right and wrong, and more importantly, I care about the consequences of our actions, for this is what is innately human after all.

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